28 Jan 2017
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WinRAR v5 40 Free Download Torrent

WinRAR v5 40
WinRAR v5 40 Virus free

WinRAR v5 40

WinRAR is an advanced utility for data compression that supports various formats such as RAR, ZIP, CAB, ARJ, LZH, ACE, TAR, gzip, kill, ISO, bzip2, Z and 7-Zip. It allows you to create documents in a convenient and fast to organize and manage.

Lineup feature rich

– Tata compression algorithm used, produced small documents, saving disk space and enabling the exchange of files faster. benefits and radio archives graphickutoka algorithm special file, which brings nocalidade.EsEnthält compromise Windows Explorer shortcuts easily and supports drag and drop as well.

– WinRAR also provides the ability to share documents with relatively few; Thus, a large file in another small, it is the perfect way to share large files are included.

security and usability

– If you want to back up your files, you can save data yakodaima protect and password when repair work is important when you’re trying to fix the filebroken.

– Despite the fact thatit does an excellent job when it comes to the determinations of file compression, WinRAR also integrates specific features that can be executed with a single click Archive. You can backup files that compress, you can try your archived files and can even virus scans before decompressing, without which the data are in danger on your computer.

compaction quickly and effectively

– During our tests, the compression processand decompression works surprisingly fast, and that should happen in your case too, at least if your computer is capable of handling the job.

– Problemassó can experience are strictly related to hardware features, such as working with 3 or 4 files simultaneously, can be a bit overwhelming for polepoleKompyuta.

General fund grave

– In total, WinRAR remains the industry standard in the category of compression. Allows the popular compression formats for use withinterface and at very high speeds, which is hidden by the complex mechanism under the hood.

-WinRAR Is undoubtedly one of the most advanced feature set on the market and, although it is not provided for free, aíndaé a leading compression tools, but can be installed on Windows.

What’s new in version WinRAR: What’s new version:

1. In the drop-down options, you can choose

Coding is impossible after the file name. This setting affects file

Surf the order Extract.You can use the Ctrl + E

To quickly access this menu.

It may be useful seinBeim file unpacking without Unicode file names.

Example: Extracting ZIP files and Chinese names filed

On Windows and Urusiunahitajika as language and non-Unicode


2. RAR Recovery Amount (.rev files) exist in the folder

As usual amount RAR, investigated orders test file.
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After completion of the test. RAR files.

If you want to try just .rev .rarwithout checking the quantity,

Choose .rev List files WinRAR files and apply the test

nurZu them or run:


At the command line.

3. When the inaruhusuFilenames NTFS file system and blanks end

And points, not procesoMoitos Windows programs on names like

accuracy. It is possible not to allow names compatible option

Extrahierungsdialogs page Advanced disabled eliminated WinRAR

Spaces and punctuation, if any, and file names when extracting.

thisoption is disabled by default.

Command line RAR also eliminates the right spaces and periods when drilling

Unless -oni unspecified.

4.Bisherigersynchronize status update for file content

(Options such as command line) has been canceled as some file folder

WinRAR could ler.Agora operation continues

Archived files that are not in compliance with folders stored legible.

5. WinRAR Shift + Del command to delete can be used to removefolders

file names and dragging non-standard positions and points well.

Normally garbage piakama Clear Shift + Del in previous WinRAR

Versions can not delete these folders.

Permanent transfer files + EntfEntfernt,

If they are not moved to the trash. No additional warnings will be issued

For files and read-only attributes to the system.

6.Pode drag directories dialog tree and move it to this

and copy other programs or work area or to unpack.File drag

Icon in the root zone of the tree nzimaambacho decompress the file.

7. New Folder button in Extrahierungsdialog proposes a new folder name

According to the file name instead of generic new folder.

8. The information command line version RAR:

A) when the valve receiver is specified, RAR displays the version number

And cessation. You can make RAR -iver;

B) x86ou x64 appears in information about the Windows version of RAR

Both for and on behalf of the rightsauthor to another command.

9. If the switch without parameters hiarini used,

Keys can also be configured to redirect file or pipe.

For example: myfiles rar

10. Command line RAR treated “like”

If ” does not exist and ‘# .rar’ exists.

Allowed, for example:

rar x

start drilling

11. In addition, in support 7z archives:

A) solid-state is accurately detected and reported to 7z archives

WinRAR command information;

B) the size Dao dictionary appears to LZMA and LZMA2 7z archives

in commandWinRAR information;

C) is not known for the size packed into 7z files stable block is specified

if? “Instead of ‘0’ when browsing the contents of the file in WinRAR.

12. The maximum length for comments RAR is evident from 64 to 256 KB.

Since SFX script commands stored in the file display,

allows more central to the license text in SFX archives.

13. The size of the default font viewer WinRAR is sized properly

In the case of windows in DPI.

14.Cambiar-scul can be used to process large files list endian UTF-16

If you do score byte order is not correct.

Previously, only allowed file list little endian.

15. leaned Minimum Windows version is now Windows XP SP3.

WinRAR runs on Windows XP with no service packs.

16. Settings / File list / Allow all capital letters is removed.

This option should make the transition from DOS

Windows is not necessary.

17. Fixed:

A) mail order WinRAR x64 Compressnanonworks

X64 Microsoft Outlook;

B) as WinRAR version for right to left languages

not installed on Windows and English or other rights

WinRAR system can convert Windows Explorer

Set the right and left,

C) If the file is saved in the folder Without write

And if the file content and extracted She uniform

recordable folder, WinRAR has the necessary privileges



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