29 May 2015

Do you keep envisioning fearful outcomes? And the feelings of anxiety and stress keeps bothering you? Thisis quite an unconscious a process and most of it keep happening involuntarily. Once this realization comes to your awareness you can work to gain a control over it. As per research and proven facts, there are two part […]

28 May 2015

AlphaStars, leading NLP Training and Coaching institute has been awarded with ICF certification. ICF (International Coach Federation) seeks to advance the art, science and practice of professional coaching. You can be now Life, Executive or Business coach to claim PCC, Professional Coach Certification from ICF, with 168 ACSTH (for PCC, one needs 125 hrs. coach […]

28 May 2015

Have you heard people talking? How often Time and money is always compared? We refer it as complex equivalence. Although its roots are, traditionally what is being quoted that “time is money?” But if you closely examine, isn’t it a misconception? Time cannot be replaced by money at all. You can earn money and even […]

25 May 2015

With leadership comes great responsibility! You decide not for yourself but for the people who support you, rely on your sole decision with a hope that it will fulfill their goals. Irrespective of whether the leader belongs to large or small organization, the responsibility and the roles they share aren’t that different! One decision can […]

08 May 2015

Everyone understands and knows deep with in that life cannot be all praises. At some point of time, someone will be there who would not like what you do or what you say would end up in criticizing you. In my more than 22 years of NLP training and coaching I haven’t seen a single […]

06 May 2015

“You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club” – Jack London Do you know how some people tend to classify things sometimes in different context? Old is taken as bronze, new may be silver, coming soon is diamond and the dream one become gold and later will become platinum. […]