22 Jun 2015

Leadership is one of the most widely researched, discussed and engrossing topics in human history, yet it continues to be confusing and elusive to many of us. But leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want. It’s all about encouraging others to put efforts for the task you want to […]

18 Jun 2015

Do you ever dare to be yourself? Are you tired of living in an atmosphere that envelops real you or are you tired of forcing yourself to be someone else other than being yourself ? Would you like to know how to break the shell/mold ? Would you like to live in the world where […]

09 Jun 2015

3 –Winning Key Elements Many times our NLP Practitioners and ICF Approved Certified Innermost Shift Coaches ask me, “What do I and Sat (my co-trainer and Life Coach-Mentor) do that ‘Magically Transform’ people in our coaching sessions and training presentations. They insist, “How do you “Create InnerMost ShiftTM”? “ I understand their curiosity as they […]