13 Feb 2015

How do you decide? On a certain day one of my very old friend walked to me, how does one know about the appropriateness of decision? She asked. I believe this question haunts many people and they find themselves struggling and wasting energy in a state of indecisiveness. Can NLP help someone to take appropriate […]

12 Feb 2015

As a BestLife-Business NLP Coach and Trainer, many of my practitioners approach to me, how do we handle clients procrastinating? At the same time they share with me a very fascinating phenomenon most of their clients face, “I am so unfocused that I can’t stick to one thing.” Well let me share my findings about […]

10 Feb 2015

Leader – A person filled with skills, experience and confidence. He is remarkably charismatic and likeable. Leaders think simply, act decently and swiftly and lead in a way that represents them differently. No one becomes a leader overnight; it is the result of learning, training and a lot of experience. They learn to work with […]

09 Feb 2015

World is full of people who are not satisfied with what they have and always groan about what they don’t . They count on those things that do not exist for their happiness and contentment. The days of “If only I had the same remote car as he has, I will never ask for anything […]