28 Oct 2014

Solve Conflict Using NLP In your a span of life, you must have experienced several times simple thing turn into a big conflict, isn’t it? Be it in the place where you go to study or work, on the road or the airport, surprisingly even in the market place, a simple gesture, an unacceptable word, […]

10 Jul 2014

Are you the victim of negative inner voice?  Does your inner dialogue prevent you from doing big things? And you have tried hard to get rid of it since long but nothing seems working. My experience while working with numerous people from all walks of life has given me valuable insights and  I have used […]

29 Apr 2014

Leaders deeply understand the power of language and appreciate how it affects unconscious and conscious mind.  They know its profound affect on people’s decisions, attitude and uplifting beliefs.  Language of leadership is emotionally charged with words that evoke senses.  Think the way words, “ I have a dream …..” supercharge people to create vision and […]

08 Feb 2014

Is NLP and coaching same? Coach approach is central to NLP technology. NLP has the essential element present in its structure. Presuppositions such as “ people have all the resources” frames like “ Outcome thinking” and Richards philosophy, “ feed-back is the breakfast of champions”, forms the basis to build innovative strategies of coaching. NLP […]

08 Feb 2014

What our clients say about us : Luckily I could learn NLP skills in just before I was to launch myself as an actor and director. I used skills like understanding Meta-programs and building Rapport to promote myself. I learned how to connect to my unlimited inner resources and trigger my abilities to express different […]

08 Feb 2014

NLP AND YOUR CUSTOMERS The most important aspect of any business is its customers, and these days customers seem much more aware than they used to. It is not enough simply to get the sale, the customer must feel that they got a good deal with an organization they are happy dealing with. And in […]

08 Feb 2014

Confidence, or the lack of it, is a huge factor in peoples lives.  One of the most common questions people ask is how they can have more confidence.  What they are really asking is how they can have confidence at times when they do not. They feel that they could achieve what they want at […]