07 Oct 2015

In the previous blog we spoke of methods by which one could relieve their body. This time, we focus on how to free (maybe not completely but at least partially of any stress) the mind. The mind is a wanderer. And we have to keep working towards getting it back, and showing it its place. The […]

28 Sep 2015

Very recently my friend from work, who is not very old, just around in her late twenties, in fact, was diagnosed with diabetes. It was not like she had a blood-sugar problem in her girlhood days. Also, she follows a stringent diet and is very careful of what she eats. But in a dialogue with her […]

16 Sep 2015

There are people who buy with ease, and there are others who don’t really want to spend. They don’t see the need of buying that product/service. But still one has to make a living and to do so one must sell! The other day after shopping endlessly, I decided to sit down, take a breather. And what […]

10 Sep 2015
licence of freedom

We as humans are extremely fascinated by the idea of relocating from the place of our birth or where our family lives. We do not want any restriction imposed by our family (for our betterment) to mar our career prospects. But when most of us actually go abroad, we feel trapped! And yearn to take […]

07 Sep 2015

Sometimes we are so caught up in the vicious circle of life where we completely forget about ourselves. Unforseen events, and expenses get the better of us, giving but a little time to bring our dizzying minds to a complete haul. Oh! If only we had the twenty-fifth hour! But that is not possible! So […]

01 Sep 2015

(Can come under anger management, and also under the practical uses, importance, and advantages of being positive) Yesterday ended on a wonderful note! It was a perfect day that concluded with the ideal evening, complete with sumptuous dinner and good night’s rest. BUT What if you overslept; well past your crazily screaming alarm on a […]

28 Aug 2015

The biggest problem in communication is of the illusion of it being accomplished. – George Bernard Shaw In 1941 swarms of people from several parts of Europe gathered at Kroplloper, to hear to a speech delivered by a great orator, on the ‘Declaration of War on the United States Of America.’ Citizens by the million […]

17 Aug 2015

As we all experience anger from time to time, maybe in the form of fleeting annoyance or as a full-fledged rage. It is true that problems at work or in personal relationships can cause anger, it is equally true that un-controlled anger can be the cause of problems at work or in personal relationship. Have […]